Friday, April 25

7 month old Bubba

This Little Man is cracking us up!!  He is so fun to watch grow and change.  I figure crawling is right around the corner considering he is "creeping" all over the den floor.  Going to dinner is an event.  I rarely remember eating, but somehow I see an empty plate sitting in front of me.  Menus and forks are more appealing to this little guy than the 17 hundred toys I towed with us from home.  He LOVES him some spinach and green beans which is so odd to me.  Somehow, I thought he would prefer fruit.  And I mean he does love some baby food.  If I even try to carry on a conversation while also feeding him and my tempo gets slowed down, watch out now!  He comes after that jar of food like he hasn't eaten in days.  Hilarious!  His social nature has become his trademark as he smiles at every person that may possibly drift into his eyeline.  He has yet to meet a stranger and really only has anxiety issues when huge crowds of people surround him at once.  "Biting attacks" are a new part of our lives as I am sure David's little gums are desperate for some soothing.  You will be talking and all of a sudden he has grabbed your wrist or your knuckle and shoved it into his mouth chomping away.  Those two bottom teeth are sharp!!  He also reaches out to be picked up which we absolutely LOVE and he is starting to really be intentional about expressing his needs.  Yesterday, he did not want to go down for his morning nap.  I let him fuss it out for about 10 minutes and then went in to try some soothing.  I hear "Mama" (not intentional "Mama" though) through his tears.  As I open the door, I find that he has his hand gripped on the bumper pad pulling it down, his little head is peeking over the top, and he is peering at the door waiting on me with little tears on his face.  Talk about a heart breaker!!!  

The past 2 months have brought us a variety of new things just flooding our home, but we are loving every second of it.  I cannot believe 7 months has passed in what feels like 10 minutes. God has blessed us richly.  We love you Bubba!

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Wednesday, April 16

6 month check up

 We are a few weeks late on the 6 month check-up, but we made it.  David got a few shots and turned red as a beet he was so mad.  As soon as I picked him up, he stopped crying and shot a smile at the nurse.  He is a quirky kid or maybe just quick to forgive.  His weight was 18 lbs. 10 ounces and his height was 26 1/2 inches.  That puts him in the 50th percentile for both.  No, I don't remember his head size.  However, it is big.  I think I remember a spike of some sort on the head growth chart.  And after finding David's little hand clenched on the crib rail while he was on all fours, we are moving the mattress down tonight.  It is very sad.  He is old.  And he also looks much bigger than the 50th percentile in weight for his age.  Go figure.

-The picture is of Uncle Will holding David at the beach.  The holding was not voluntary.  Maybe David's not fratty enough.  Do they make 6 month sized croakies?

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Tuesday, April 15

Growing Up

I am sorry to be MIA for so long.  Things have been a little crazy and frankly, I just couldn't get any creative juices flowing.  We sent David to spend the night out for the first time and headed to Augusta to attend The Masters.  The weather was beautiful and it was such a fun time to spend with friends at such a regal event.  Grant has also started his new job and we've been trying to give his office a little personal touch.  Thankfully, it's less than a month till Grant graduates from the Manderson School of Business at UA.  I know he will be glad to be finished with graduate school and onto things he has passion for.  I have some funny posts coming soon, but for now just a little update as to what the little man has been up to.

Apparently, David is on fast forward at the moment.  Over the past 3 weeks he sat up, cut two teeth, pulled up, rocked on his hands and knees, caught his first cold, and used a sippy cup.  He is old.  I just wish he would slow down a bit and give us a few more months of babyhood.  He is desperate to crawl and I just know he is about to go mobile.  He is already pushing me away and trying to steal the spoon when I feed him.  Basically, he's already claiming some independence and it's only the beginning I know!!  Regardless, he is precious and so fun to play with these days.  All of those toys we invested in about 6 months ago have been worth their money over the last month.  He plays all day long!!  He loves to roll all across the den and suck on basically anything he can get his mouth on, even the highchair wheels!!  Until he figured out how to get on his hands and knees and lunge for toys, he was cleverly pulling the blanket towards him until he could reach his toy of choice.  Hilarious.  His little personality is showing itself and he is a little ball of energy.  And I love him!!

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Wednesday, April 2

War Eagle!!

Last weekend, David and Bella (just 2 weeks apart) took their first trip to Auburn's A-Day game.  David is becoming a seasoned fan already since he spent all 4 quarters in the Iron Bowl when he was only 2 months old!!  We took the trip with our friends the Rogers and had such a fun time.  Of course, traveling with babies is ALWAYS a spectacle.  They had the only umbrella stroller that could mystify an architect AND aerospace engineer grad.  There was no folding that stupid stroller!  And Grant was covered in this HUGE hiking backpack that David loves.  We finally made the trek to the stadium after many diaper changes, nose wipes, and spit up catches.  The babes were soo cute together during the game.  They are finally very social with one another and actually seem interested in playing together.  We spent the first half camped out taking up 2 rows of the stadium and then David's Aunt Emily posed an offer we could not refuse.  She was working one of her last events as a War Eagle Girl and found extra tickets to the President's box.  Of course, we packed up our baby circus and transferred it to the box.  Emily took David all over and introduced him to all sorts of important people and the religion professor Grant, Emily, and I had came over and visited for quite awhile.  The food was free and the seats were amazing.  Thanks Em for pulling some strings for us to have a super special A-Day Game!!!  We had to capture the moment in the box since it may be a VERY long time before David or Bella ever grace those kinds of seats.

Honestly, the day was rather uneventful in terms of baby drama.  The babes were so fun and pleasant.  That is until we decided to make an event of the ride home.  Lake Martin is on the way back to Bham and we decided to stop in and visit my parentals and catch some dinner at Sinclairs.  WELL, dinner was a bad idea.  After David finished his 8 ounce night time bottle, he decided a good poop was in order.  This requires lot's of concentration and energy while seated in a high chair.  I guess it was too much for his poor milk saturated system and he proceeds to shoot milk from his nose and vigorously choke on it as well.  I quickly scoop him up, beat on his back, and put him on my shoulder to finish his "business."  This was followed by him vomiting down the back of my dress and then projectile vomiting on Grant once he was moved to the corner of the booth.  Between David's drama and Bella refusing her bottle by spitting milk all over the place and snotting all over her face ever 10 minutes, we were spent!!  To top it all off, I take David to get a diaper change in the bathroom.  The blasted Koala diaper changing thingy is mounted so dang high on the wall, David is lying at my collarbone level.  Yes, I am short.  No, I am not a little person.  I blindly change a messy diaper and manage a squirming squealing 6 month old who is already wearing his last outfit of the day.  And since David is basically suspended 6 feet in the air, I am not aware that poop has stained his LAST set of clothes.  Lovely.  I zip up my poop stained child and wait on the check.  This is why a good babysitter is a precious commodity.

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