Tuesday, July 6


July 4th
Lake Martin
We had an absolute blast.  I have to say I think the 4th of July ranks up on my top 3 holidays.  We cooked, we ate, played tons of baggo, swam, rode on the boat, watched fireworks, and spent wonderful quality time with family and friends.

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Evie Lu is 7 months old!!!

I would say she is doing a spider crawl type thing that might as well qualify as crawling.  It is a combination of one knee and one tippy toe combined with a lunge.  She also can rock back and forth on all fours.  Evie is one determined little lady.  She can get to just about anything she lays her eyes on.

Evie loves all her baby food and is learning to pick up Cheerios, but doesn't seem to understand she that they can be eaten.  She is very aware of people and has started crying when someone walks by without picking her up. 

Baby girl has also gotten good at imitating sounds.  I swear it sounds like she is saying "Hey" when someone says "Hey" to her in a high pitched voice.  It has happened twice and is so bizarre!

To say she is a busy body is an understatement.  Often times, she will just writhe around in your lap until you get the clue she wants to be put down to do her own thing.

Her favorite toy is a little rattle I had as a child.  It is from England or Germany (I can't remember) and she just loves it.  She still loves to sleep with her pink lamby and hardly needs rocking if she has that to bury her face in.  Evie loves textures and rubs her little fingers over tags and blankets.  And she also is mesmerized by moving hands.  She only sits still when she is tracking someone using their hands to talk.

She takes four 6 ounce bottles a day and eats baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She is very difficult to feed because she tries to knock the food out of your hand or take it for herself.  We have also learned that you cannot eat in front of Evie without feeding her first.  She is very communicative :).

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2 going on 3

David is a hoot.  He has changed so much and become quite the chatter box.  We like to say he "tweets" because he is always giving play by play updates of what he is doing or about to do.  As you can see, he loves "silly boots" and is obsessed with his newest fire boots.  He runs around saying "Fire boots to the rescue!! and wears them all over town in the scorching summer heat.

He is still VERY tenderhearted and get his sweet little feelings hurt easily.  He loves all his extended family so much and is overcome with giddiness with someone shows up at the door.  I love how much joy and excitement exudes from his pure little heart.  He is so genuine and expresses gratitude over the simplest things.  I could learn a lot from him.

Our newest hiccup has brought us to a book written by Richard Scarry--Pig Will Pig Won't.  David loves this book and we have been using the storyline to prompt him to make good choices.  Last night, he prayed to have a "Pig Will heart."  It was so sweet.

His most recent favorite book is "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  He calls it with "Cloudy with Meatballs" and you can hear him hollering from his bed during nap time asking for it.  It is special to us because this was Grant's favorite childhood book as well.  Surprise, it has to do with food :).

2 year olds are sponges and it is shocking the things he comes up with.  When asked when he was going to play golf with Daddy, Dave responded by saying, "College."  In the car last week he kept putting dot com on the end of everything he said.  This weekend he said he was about to lose his temper.  After not getting juice on demand, David said to me, "I not play with you ever again.  You not nice to me."  Where do they learn these things!?  He is very particular and wants to be called a "little boy" rather than baby or big boy.  I referred to he and Evie as "kiddos" and he requested I say "little kid."  It is amazing how we have constant dialogue going on around here.  I cannot imagine how it will be once Evie can talk as well.

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