Monday, July 18



Nineteen Months
Full of life, bold, fiesty, silly, sweet, FUNNY (just like her Daddy)
Tough, quick to put her brother in his place, not easily pushed around, very social (just like her Daddy)
Loves to dance and sing.  This is probably the most defining characteristic of this month.  The girl can break it down and sing, even though she can barely talk.
Her obsession with babies has been taken to a new level.  Her favorite has been named "Bebe" and it is ALWAYS tucked under her arm.  If you even try and come near it, she will hug it and say, "MINE." 
The nursery workers call her "The Boss."  Help us all.
Her obsession with pretty little accessories continues on.  She has even grown to admire her "pretty pacis," as she ooh and aahs when we hand her brightly colored ones.  She still refers to her paci as a Nah-nah and her lamby as been affectionately named, Meme.  She is the queen of trying to carry all of her favorites with her at one time---bebe, meme, nah-nah, cup of crackers, and sippy cup.
EM is notorious for climbing and is incredibly good at it.  She can lift her little leg up on to a high surface and put her foot down flat footed, then pull herself up in one fell swoop.  She is known to be found watching a show while also standing up on top of a dining chair.  Shockingly, she rarely ever falls.
The girl loves some Magic Muffin and will cheer/clap when we pull into the parking lot.  She will also eat just about anything if you chant "Woo woo, woo woo woo!" 
Her latest obsession is art.  The child has great dexterity and can peel stickers like she has been doing it all her life.  Her pencil grip is incredibly impressive and she will sit on the floor in the corner and color for a realllly long time.
All in all, the best way to describe this baby girl is to say that somewhere deep inside her prissy, squishy, sassy, girly exterior lives a 16 year old girl and a 12 year old tom boy.  Verdict is still out on which way it will go :)
Evie Marelle, you bring SO MUCH JOY to our little family!!.  We are all smitten beyond belief with how precious you are to us.  I cannot believe you are my daughter.  What a gift!!!.
Above all, I pray and pray and pray that you grows to know the Lord at as young of an age as possible and learn to walk in His ways and LOVE it!
Loves loves loves, Mama.

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