Tuesday, September 22


A boundary has been laid down.  I have decided to take our blog private.  It has been something that I have been thinking on for a number of months now and really feel it is the right time to make the transition.  I hope you guys don't mind taking the extra step to log in.  

With this change--I just wanted to preface what I want this blog to be about.  I don't really want to consider myself a blogger.  I don't have plans of working on recipe ideas, witty or non-family related posts.  I really want to purely document the small details of our children's development and experiences.  (This may mean that posts are a little bit mundane for people who don't love David as their own and the details may be something you are uninterested in.  Just a heads up!!)  So, I have decided only a select audience should be privy to such precious information :). 
So---let's get on to more important things!!!!  David is turning TWO!!  WOW. We have a two year old child.  That sounds so strange to me even though it is our everyday normal now.  My baby is TWO!!!  Thank you Lord for the past 730 days.  Thank you, Thank you.

This boy is just SO MUCH FUN!!  We are having a blast watching him turn into a little boy.  He has a mad obsession with music and has most recently fallen in love with Auburn football--much to his Dad's excitement.  He asks to watch "hootball" everyday and wants to wear his "hootball" shirts all day long.  Of course, he is still obsessed with the basic boy toys--cars, buses, helicopters, bikes, boats, airplanes, etc.  His most recent obsession are ambulances.

It is really precious to see all his little 2 year old quirks start to surface.  Last night I asked him if there was anything he wanted to thank God for and he said--Dolf.  Which in David language means golf.  Clearly, the excitement over his second birthday golf themed party was still on his mind.  He also tries to count--but everything is 2.  He may go through a set of ten cars and count them by saying--two, two, two.  I also love that he shows you his age by using his thumb and forefinger.  It is too cute.  He is close on his colors, but prefers that everything be yellow (low).  Funnily enough--the child who has been completely uninterested in letters has started reciting parts of the alphabet.  I was shocked to hear him say MNOPQR in the grocery store today and then he repeated A-F like three times in the car.  I guess he is picking up on more than I realize.  Two year old brains amaze me!!  Even though he cannot speak in full sentences yet, I feel like we are having conversations all throughout the day.  Having a family is simply more fun than I could have ever dreamed.  I highly recommend it. :)

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