Thursday, March 26

Playing Catch Up

I hope you enjoy the photo montage capturing the past month of Little Man's activities. 

We've been doing some mad spring cleaning around here and I am flat worn out.  Blogging has fallen off my radar and I am behind on finishing 2 knitting projects for some friends of mine.  However, fall clothes are packed away and my spring wardrobe is brightening up my closet as I type.  We live in a older home and the closet space is a constant reminder that our generation is covered up with entirely too much stuff.  I am confident that people in the 50s did not own 2 different wardrobes based on the seasons of the year.  Thus, spring cleaning has taken over our home as I attempt to purge us of this awful disease I like to call collection-itus.  I have an aversion to hoarding and honestly if we do not purge twice a year, we might could qualify for Hoarder's Anonymous.  Ugh.  I am over it.  I need to simplify.  Maybe that's why I have been so uninterested in blogging.  I think I just needed a break from being so connected to internet activities.  Regardless, Daveman is growing and changing and I have no documentation to show for it.  I know I will have regrets later if I do not stay current on how quickly he is becoming a little person.  I swear time shifts into fast forward once you have children.  These past 6 months of David's second year of life has felt like 2 months of his first year.  It's madness and I can't seem to soak it all up fast enough embetween the clutter, cleaning, and new found need for disciplining our sweet child.  :)  Yes,  we have hit what some people would call the 'terrible twos.'  Thankfully, he is still very mild tempered and responds well to correction---but he has definitely woken up drastically in the last month.  Hitting, tantrums, defiance, hyperactivity, and physical aggression have found their way to our little family.  Lucky for David, he is cute. :)

Pray that the Lord would equip us with wisdom and knowledge to train this little boy up in righteousness and truth---and just good ole respectful obedience.  Oh, and while you are at it--ask for patience as well.  K, thanks!

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