Sunday, September 18


This girl is keeping us on her toes. In many ways, I feel she is much more mature and "with-it" than David ever was---and then in other ways, she seems much younger than I remember David right before turning 2. Maybe it is because we were expecting a second child at this time in David's life and he was jumping out of his crib and into a big boy bed weeks from now OR maybe I just don't remember anything very well anymore! Anyways....Ev is a character. She is her daddy's daughter and is full of energy, spunk, jokes, and silly antics. The things that I feel mark her second year of life most are: her love for coloring (my favorite part is that she sprawls out on her belly and colors away), her climbing abilities, squishy legs and cheeks, long blonde hair, love for fashion/accessories/glitter, obsessed with Olivia the pig, her Meme (lamb), and Nana (paci), and her independence. She is trying to speak more and is using two word phrases daily now. Though she isn't a very clear talker, she is very clear about knowing her colors and is starting to recognize letters...and it seems like she can count to 6! She still loves her babies, dancing, singing, dressing-up, changing shoes, wearing jewelry, and watching Olivia as often as I will let her. She knows all the characters names and talks about them all day long. Ev also lives for stickers (and this includes stick-on earrings). The only thing that really scares her are big dogs and big trucks. Otherwise, she runs free with very little inhibitions. She is not one to come when called and is definitely entering into the fit pitching stage. She likes to think she runs the show and cannot stand for things to go at a snail's pace...she will aggressively holler GO if we are stuck in traffic or if her brother is taking too long to get down the front steps. Just trying to be sure she is well documented--blogging adequately for two children is exhausting! (I just have to remember this is in lieu of a baby book!) Lastly, we start gymnastics this Fall and I am sure she is going to love it. I cannot believe our girl is coming up on TWO...she brings so much joy to us and blesses us beyond measure with her wonderful personality and self-determined ways. I cannot wait to help her grow-up...slowly, that is :).

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