Monday, February 28

Like Father, Like Son

This boy loves to cook....just like his Daddy.  There is rarely a night that goes by where David is not helping out in the kitchen.  He loves to crack eggs, crush garlic, stir the pot, add salt, or anything really he will be allowed to do.  I know Grant is thrilled to have a little shadow in the kitchen.  David definitely idolizes his Daddy's ways and is quick to correct me when I leave an ingredient out of the spaghetti sauce.  We are making a good bit of progress in the food department--David now loves carrots, beans, and will eat one or two pieces of broccoli upon request. :)  His newest imaginative play idea is opening a restaurant in our den called "Chicky-D's."  Daddy is proud :)!
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Hmmm....somehow, I completely forgot to post on Evie Marelle's 14 month birthday.  Oops!!

Our little lady is still holding true to her big personality and wild ways.  She is basically running everywhere and is always on a mission.  If there is a ledge, a parking lot, or a street filled with speeding cars; Evie Marelle will be running straight for it.

Her verbal skills consist of whining, grunting, pointing, and crying.  We are hoping she will choose to use the handful of words she has, but are banking on the fact she will stick to grunting for quite awhile.  Daddy is DaDa, Mommy is Da, and David is DAAAY DAAAYYY in a high pitched squeal like voice.
Speaking of Brother David, she is obsessed with the boy and I have been SO PROUD of how sweet he has been acting towards her.  Surprisingly, they are starting to act like friends.  Baby Girl no longer screams when David touches her and Big Brother no longer swipes every toy from her path.  In fact, Evie Marelle has become more of the swiper in their relationship.  There is hope!  I can really tell that David is starting to adore EM as much as she adores him.....for now, at least.  :)
EM takes after her Daddy in the dare devil area.  She is definitely a risk taker and loves to fly through the air, go fast on any moving object, or flip around on just about anything.  If she is restless in your lap, just lay her back so her head is hanging upside down.  She LOVES it.
Squishy pants has finally fallen in love with books.  She loves them and will actually sit still long enough to read one.  Her obsession with Lamby has been taken to new heights, as has the love for her paci.  Her favorite thing is to sit in my lap and get me to mimic her faces and sounds.  To say the least she is silly.  Baby girl loves older children and is not the least bit intimidated....the only real thing that scares her are dogs.  She can tell you what a sheep and puppy dog say and can point to her nose, hair, bow, and belly.  Her newest trick is throwing her hands in the air after a flip and saying "Ta-Da!"

Happy 15 months of life Lou!!  You are our girl and we love you!!

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