Sunday, October 17

Firemen To The Rescue!!!

We just recently celebrated David's 3rd birthday at a local fire station.  It was the sweetest little party!!  David was blessed to have a few friends from our church Core Group, his class, and also our supper club join him on his special day.  The fire department went above and beyond and I was so impressed.  The kids got a little lesson on fire safety, were able to tour the station, see the ladder get raised to its highest position, and get a picture in the ladder truck itself.  We then had cookie cake and ice cream at the park.  The weather was PERFECT and the company truly blessed us.

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War Eagle, Hey!

I just love this picture and had to include it for future documentation.  To say we are an Auburn family would be an understatement.  David has picked up on our slight obsession and has taken it upon himself to accept our brainwashing and love Auburn as well :).  He is obsessed with Aubie, the marching band, the fight song, and loves to wear his jersey to school.  One second he is marching around the house as if he is the drum major at Tiger Walk and then later is running around the house with his football helmet on.  Evie has learned to clap at the end of the fight song and wear her Auburn attire with pride just like any classy Auburn girl should :).  This dress was smocked by her Gaga and I am soo thrilled with it.  I always have wanted a smocked Auburn bishop, but refused to pay the ridiculous prices I was seeing around town.  Thankfully, Grant's Mom is BEYOND gifted as a seamstress and continues to make the most beautiful clothing for our children.  Thank you Gaga!!

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Our Babies!

These two are becoming quite the pair.  It is a good thing Evie is so fiesty, otherwise, David would be completely running the show.  Just recently, Evie has become VERY vocal with her feelings and I have found myself the referee of their every little interaction.  It is exhausting.  If I'm not coaching David on sharing or protecting his little sister, then I am rescuing Evie from some compromising position.  He has had no problem stepping into his role as big brother in the sense that he loves to boss her around, reprimand her, and pick on her.  We are talking a lot about who is actually in charge of Evie :).  On the flip side, David's take-charge personality has really saved Evie from herself time and time again.  Whether she is trying to stand up in the grocery cart, unplug a lamp, or eat some dog food; David is quick to put her in her place by reminding her of what she should or should not be doing.  For this, I am thankful, haha.  Overall, they are really sweet at times and it's fun to see them have their own little relationship.  Evie idolizes her brother and has to have her eyes on him at all times.  It has made going down for nap quite frustrating because she knows he is out in the house and refuses to lay her head down being rocked.  She just stares at the door whining for her big brother.  Sometimes the feeling is mutual, like when I overheard David singing a little diddy that went something like this, "You are my best friend, Evie.  You're my best friend."  It was so cute, but I couldn't help laughing as I wondered how long that would last.  They have definitely entered a new stage where I can see a real sibling relationship starting to form--between tickling, sharing, laughing, and reconciling--I am blessed to help them learn to love and accept one another.
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