Tuesday, June 2

Smile for the Camera

David loves to smile for the camera.  It is super cute to see him completely freeze flashing his precious smile while waiting for his picture to be taken.  

He has changed so much over the last month.  We have definitely hit the terrible 2s, but I must say he is an incredible listener and is very responsive to correction.  He even went to the grocery and toy store with me today and was able to walk around without holding my hand for quite awhile.  I was impressed by how well he heeded verbal direction.  We shall see how long this lasts. :)  

He is obsessed with blessing his food.  He usually is the first to initiate praying before dinner by holding out his arms and saying 'Amen' over and over again.  It is hilarious because I will ask him to close his eyes and bow his head.  Apparently, he does not understand that his eyelids work without much effort.  He usually takes his finger and manually closes his right eye for prayer.  Pretty cute.  If you eat with the little man, do not be surprised to find that he prefers to bless the food continually throughout the meal.  He probably requests a prayer 3 or 4 times in one sitting--not sure what that is about--just thankful he is learning.

The child actually ate some peas today.  It absolutely amazed me.  I am going to try and present them again and see how it goes!  It will be nice to add some other foods to his diet considering he basically lives off of tons of fruit and pasta.  I guess it could be worse.

Things for me are going fairly well.  I have turned the corner and feel like a normal functioning human being again.  It is nice to feel like I can contribute around here as opposed to wallowing in the land of nausea and puny coma-like existence.  However, I still am feeling fairly emotional.  It probably was a bad idea that I did not consider my hormonal situation and decided to make a toast at a rehearsal dinner.  I also regret not bringing a handful of tissue down the aisle with me as I stood and choked back real tears during my cousin's wedding ceremony.  I guess I just don't consider myself someone who tears up easily and I definitely was caught off guard to find my nose running for the entire 20 minute ceremony.  Lovely.  Catherine, let me warn you in advance---I may be pretty teary on your big day!!  I apologize in advance. :)

Please excuse the excessively wordy post.  I am trying to get back into blogging.  Trying!!

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