Monday, February 15

The Good Life

We had such a wonderful and low key weekend. Friday was an absolute blast. David LOVED the snow and had the best time running around and playing with the neighbors. He even got to skip his nap and have hot chocolate with marshmellows. Daddy made it home just in time to make a huge snow man before the sunset and finish off the night with pizza and friends.

Last weekend David was invited to his dear friend Harrison's 2nd birthday party at the Fire Station. David ADORES fire trucks, but was a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. The firemen were so kind to all the kids, let them pile into the driver's seat, and even turned the lights on. Like all things, David likes things in theory more than practice. The fire station was a bit like Santa Claus, but he warmed up after being there for a little while and of course was delighted to hear that cupcakes would end the day.

Evie is doing really well. She has grown so much in her willingness to eat and has the cutest little thighs and cheeks to show for it. I cannot wait to see her in bubbles this Spring and Summer. She has rolled over a few more times even though she doesn't love tummy time as much as her brother did. She is taking a 1 hour morning nap, cat nap around lunch, a HUGE nap in the afternoon, and then another cat nap around dinner. I am assuming she will start to drop those cat naps as she gets older. It is tricky trying to remember what I did with David and then adjusting it to fit Evie's needs.

David is just plain silly. It has been the biggest change so far. He runs around the house making all kinds of weird voices and does this silly strut as well. He is full of energy and has taken to jumping on furniture and screaming into pillows. There are no more smiles for the camera. He is much too busy to be bothered with posing for Mommy. He is in a huge train phase and could play with them non-stop all day long. It is crazy weird to hear him speaking in sentences. He is still extremely detail oriented and is not one to like a mess. His eating has gotten significantly better--he now LOVES broccoli (which he calls garlic for some reason or another) and carrots.

We are blessed and I love my job.

Wednesday, February 10

Favorite Boy

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Thursday, February 4

Bonnets and Bloomers

Bonnets and bloomers are the two things I was most excited about when we found out our second baby was a girl. I have been taking every chance I can to get her in the many bonnets I have prepared for her. I absolutely love them and plan for her to wear them probably longer than most would go for :).

On another equally fun note--Baby Girl is TWO months old. This is all just too fast for my taste and I am rather sad that we only have 8 more months of babyhood with her. I am trying to soak it up as well as I can. Life is busy with two. Evie's doctor appointment went well--she has skyrocketed up the growth charts. If you recall, she was in the 10% for height and 25% for weight at 3 weeks. Here we are 6 weeks later and baby girl is 90% in height and 75% in weight!!!!!! I was SHOCKED. Lets just say her eating issues are not affecting her growth, thankfully. I looked back at David's measurements and laughed. They were the EXACT same weight at birth and at this point she is a full pound heavier than he was at 2 months. I love her chubby thighs and cheeks!! I cannot wait to see her in bathing suits this summer--she will be precious!!! Bathing suits are another thing I am quite excited about in the girl department. Having a girl has been such a fun surprise!

Other things to record: Evie sleeps from 1130 to about 630 or 7. She takes 4 to 5 ounces every 3 hours and 6 ounces at bedtime. Our pediatrician thinks she may have some intermittent reflux, but nothing to be concerned about at this point. She is still taking a short morning nap, midday cat nap, and long afternoon nap. I love that my children are huge nappers. I know the time is coming with her where I will have to work hard to keep her napping. I think sleep training came into play with David around 5 months. I am just going to enjoy myself for now :).
(new post below about my first baby)

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Cookin' Man

David's term for a chef is "cookin-man." He often runs into the kitchen and says "I a cookin man!!" I know his Daddy loves this and hopes that David can share in his love of making food for people. All I can say is David's wife will be extremely lucky. The child already pretends to cook with pasta, garlic, and mushrooms. He also has learned about al dente pasta and that food needs acid. He loves to pretend squeeze lemon juice in every meal he pretends to cook. He loves to sear meat on the grille and make a ssssss sound while it cooks. Thank you Santa for such a fun gift---we are loving our kitchen!!!

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