Wednesday, April 15

Easter Extravaganza

It is amazing how much can change in one year for one little guy!  This time last year, David couldn't walk, was still drinking out of a bottle, and was completely unaware that Easter was a day different than any other.  Maybe another year of change will lend itself to some version of understanding that Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection.  We can only hope!  Even though his little mind couldn't grasp why Easter Sunday is special, he certainly enjoyed himself.  His egg hunting skills dramatically increased from his first to this third Easter egg hunt.  He absolutely LOVED it and clearly understood the objective.  He was scurrying as quickly as his  chubby little legs could scurry from one egg to another.  It was certainly progress considering the neighborhood egg hunt consisted of David running around with an egg clutched in each hand completely unaware of his basket or the idea of collecting anymore eggs.  The first few photos are from an Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon and the last few are from Easter Sunday itself.  He definitely enjoyed all the family attention and discovered a love for M&Ms.  I apologize for the absurd amount of pictures, but Nanny needs her photo fix.  Hope you enjoy these Mom!!! 

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Saturday, April 11

The boy hearts sticks.

I find myself laughing out loud as I straighten up during David's naps.  I find sticks ALL over the the bathroom, toy chest, living room, pantry, etc.  I know there will be a day that I wish I had sticks littering my floors, so I am trying to just enjoy these little quirks about Daveman that I know will pass on as soon as they came.  For now though---he loves himself some sticks--and I mean plural.  Most afternoons we spend in the front yard playing out all our napped energy waiting for Daddy to get home.  By the end of the couple of hours there is a nice sized pile of sticks in my lap that David has carefully collected from all over the yard.  Pretty cute.

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Thursday, April 9

Happy Easter!

David didn't know what to think about hunting for Easter eggs.  In fact, he was too excited about the 2 eggs clutched in his little hands to care about finding any others.  This is the little man's first year to participate in various Easter festivities and once he realized we were at "his" park, he was more interested in running to the slides.  Either way, he looked super cute in his little smocked Easter outfit made by his Gran.  

What are our thoughts on forcing chubby legged boys to wear knee high socks to Easter Sunday church???  

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