Thursday, September 30


Baby Girl is a squishy, schmooshy, smiley mess.  And we love her so very much.
Month 10 has brought even more personality out of our little girl.  She got tubes early in the month and has become even more vocal than she already was.  You will never find yourself wondering if Lou is happy because she will certainly let you know if she is not.  This is so very different from her brother as a baby and has made her our spunky one.  It is funny because I often feel like we are having conversations and all she can bring herself to say  is "Mm-Bah."  She definitely comprehends a whole lot more than I ever was aware a 9/10 month old could when I was doing this with David.  I guess she is just really good at getting her point across :).  Evie loves people and is still incredibly social.  She never meets a stranger and smiles at just about anyone that will look at her.  She learned to clap and is very proud of this new found skill.  She also loves animals and I think Marley can tell she is an animal lover.  He always gravitates towards her and lets her pull and push all over him without even a peep.  The child still has zero teeth, but somehow eats absolutely anything put in front of her and is a bottomless pit.  She has started this new thing,when we are out to eat, where she rejects her food once my meal arrives and fusses until she gets to partake of what is on my plate.  Her favorite foods are black beans, mandarin oranges, Multi-Grain Cheerios, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots.  However, I have never seen her refuse anything either.  Though Evie doesn't love to stand, she is a crawling machine and has graduated to the 'bear crawl,' where she crawls around on a her hands and feet.  She does pull up and cruise along furniture, but it doesn't feel like she will walk anytime soon.  Evie also is a wonderful sleeper and never makes a peep before 830 AM.  Thanks to her pink lamb that is now brown and nasty, she goes down to sleep in about 2 seconds flat.  I only rock her for my own enjoyment :). She certainly does not need it.  All in all, she is a funny, fiesty, tough, sweet, and happy baby who adores her brother.  So far, there is no sign of the Mama-stage going anywhere anytime soon.  She likes to be in eye sight of me and prefers for me to feed and hold her if given an option.  However, you should see her excitement when her Daddy walks in the door!!  It is too precious.  We love you Lou!!

(David's THREE year old post below!!)
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Our baby boy is 3.  Wow.  How do we have a 3 year old?  When did this happen?  He is turned into a BOY and there is no more baby left in him--nothing.  If he wasn't so cute, chatty, and fun I would be pretty depressed about this whole growing up thing.  However, he is the life of the party around here.  You wouldn't really know it unless you have been around a good bit.  He is really quite shy, but around his 'favorites' he is a trip.

Little Man started school this year.  To say he loves it would be an understatement.  He looks forward to it every week.  After his first day, he got up from his nap and put his backpack on.  He then went and stood by the door and asked if it was time for him to go to school again.  He loves Mrs. Caroline and all the kids in his class.  He is 1 of 4 boys and also loves that one of his best friends, Bella, is in his class as well.  Speaking of naps--the kid hardly ever goes down anymore.  It really is hit or miss.  I require he stay in his room from 130 to 330, no matter what....for him and for me.  However, actual sleeping only occurs about twice a week--on a good week!  Ever since we gave up pacifiers, his naps have taken a dive and it has not gotten any better.  Oh well.

David is full of conversation and is still as sweet as ever.  Thankfully, we have turned the corner on the "terrible 2s" and he is quite pleasant for the most part.  He has truly found his voice and is all about being involved in every little interaction around the house.  He always has an opinion and prefers to be informed about every single thing we do or say.  Keeping the order of authority around here is a daily priority for us :).  The little man continues to amaze us with his compass-like abilities.  He always knows where we are or where we are going.  I swear he is better oriented than I was when I turned 16 and had to drive around town alone.

A fun part that has come with this age has to do with his sporadic obsessions.  He once wore his Buzz Lightyear costume for 4 days straight--naps and bedtime.  Then he did the same thing with his new Auburn jersey.  Now, it's his "slilly boots" from last year.  He really has a preference about shoes and hats.

Let's talk about the marching band.  Daveman is OBSESSED with all things band related.  His newest thing is marching around the house as the drum major.  He likes to spin the stick from his broom as if it's the baton and then slam it down on the ground.  And get this--yesterday he proceeded to do the signature high step you see the drum majors do at Auburn games!  Grant and I were crying while trying to stifle our laughter.  When we go to Auburn games, he spends the entire game asking when the football men will leave the field so the band men can play.  As soon as the band starts to warm up, he has to inform the entire row that the band is about to play.  It is hilarious!!  His favorite instruments are the tuba and the drums in the drum line.

Speaking of Auburn, he is also obsessed with football.  He runs around the house shouting all his favorite Auburn cheers.  He has a little orange megaphone and yells the clean version of Bodda Getta, Track 'Em, and Two Bits.  We are proud :).  He loves to attend football games and is always asking to go to the tailgate tent, wear his Auburn jersey, or go watch Auburn "play football outside, not on TV Mommy!"  So far, he has been able to go to every single home game.  He is a lucky boy.  We even celebrated his actual birthday at the tailgate with cookie cake and a few gifts.  He was very giddy on that day!

In general, he is a typical boy who has an affinity for all types of rescue vehicles, garbage trucks, puzzles, books, trains, airplanes, and of course--marching bands.  We are so blessed to have such an easy going little boy to raise.  We love you so much David!

Birthday party on Sunday!!  Stay tuned for pics.
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Saturday, September 11


Here, Evie is just lounging around on the biggest baby king ever, Uncle Jim.  She would like to tell all babies who may be reading, "Sorry kiddos, he's MY uncle."

Let's see.....9 months.

Well, in typical second child fashion, Mama completely forgot the 9 month appointment.  Oops!  However, I do know her weight since we are at the doctor every other week for ear checks :).  At 9 months she was right at 21 pounds!!

No more baby food!!  For about a month now, Evie has been eating purely finger foods and has a pretty impressive pincer grip.  She has only rejected rice and LOVES vegetables.  She actually has turned down pears and gone for broccoli instead.  Odd! 

Baby Evie seems to be quite content with pulling up and crawling.  She doesn't enjoy standing unless she is holding onto a piece of furniture or something.  She is the kind of babe who goes for the plugs, cords, dust bunnies, and dog bones.  All things go directly into this child's mouth!  So, it is no surprise we have had quite a few choking incidents--one including vomiting in a restaurant after inhaling a saltine wrapper.

Evie loves to wave at anyone and everyone.  She is our social child, to say the least.  She just grins, points, and waves at anyone that crosses our path.  She is much more outgoing than her Mama :).  She also loves to play "Where's Evie?" It is hilarious to see her chubby little hands ferociously fling her blanket up and down in front of her face.

Poor girl has just had her 5th ear infection in 6 months.  We are off to the ENT and will probably getting tubes within the month.  I will say, she is an incredible patient.  Though she is up at night from times to time, you would never know she had an ear infection during the day.

She is extremely attached to her pink lamb.  It's poor little face is brown from being sucked on so much.  She also loves to fiddle around with it's ears and will flail her left arm around while being rocked looking for it's little ears.  I think it is very sweet.  I tried to substitute a new and shiny lamb, but Evie was not having it.  She literally stared at it with this look of confusion.  I guess we are stuck with nasty brown lamby....

All in all, she is just about the jolliest child ever.  She adores her Brother and is very tough.  I can tell she knows what she wants and is quite hard headed about things.  She is very demonstrative with her feelings and has no problem communicating frustration.  We have also hit the "Mama's my favorite" stage pretty hard.  She has always been more attached to me than David ever was, but she has grown more clingy lately.  Socially, she seems old for her age.  I guess that's how it goes for second kids.  She still sleeps like a champ--8 to 830!!  And naps from 130 to 430 every afternoon.  OH, and still no teeth!

Happy 9th Month Lou!  Loves loves loves!

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