Sunday, August 30


After wrestling with blogger for about a week now, I finally have some recent pictures posted. Yay!!  

We have been home just resting as a family for the past two weeks, but spent most of July and part of August on the road.  We had a few beach trips with family and then with friends.  We also went to North Carolina with my family for an entire week.  It was soo nice and provided some much needed down time for everyone.  David was able to pursue his fascination with golf carts and basically rode one every single day.  He absolutely loved it.  It is safe to say he did not love that strange little girl who is straddling his ride toy.  It was hilarious.  He honestly stayed frozen in that position all while she was trying to tickle his neck and push him off.  And he was not going to share that turtle toy.  He is obsessed.  As in, he probably spends most of the day on it while maneuvering around the house.  It is his preferred mode of transport to all diaper changes and nap times.

I am sad to say goodbye to the carefree traveling days of summer, but am so very thankful for the consistency of Fall.  We do best on a weekly schedule of parkdates, library time, and such.  I am looking forward to soaking up these last few months where it is just little man and me.  I pray it will be a sweet time of continued bonding before Baby Evie arrives.

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Thursday, August 27


I may feel differently in 6 months, but the so called terrible twos don't seem so terrible around here.  David is just so fun.  He definitely has his moments, but I keep waiting for a serious shift in temperament.  We will see if it comes our way over the next year.

His little personality is just coming out more and more everyday.  I am so blessed to stay home and spend my days soaking up these few precious years that we can never get back.  I love love this age.  He is chatting up a storm and is famous for making up his own words that he refuses to change as time goes on.  I just hope he doesn't go to kindergarten calling a fork a boosh and a helicopter an a-too.  He has a really sweet temperament and loves attention as most only children do.  We definitely need Baby Evie to come and show him it's not all about David. :)  This boy could play with trucks and cars ALL DAY LONG.  He also loves music and golf.  Or as he calls it--dolf.  He and his Daddy hit balls in the front yard every evening before dinner.  It is super cute, but David really just likes to follow Grant around with his ball and club rather than hit the ball himself.  

His favorite color is yellow.  Or as he says it--Low.  Everything is yellow.  And if it's not yellow, it's green.  He gets really excited when he realizes he has been given a paci that is yellow.  And it seriously baffles me why he chooses to color with the yellow crayon.  You definitely cannot see it!!  Unless it is a 2 year old quirk, David has taken after his Daddy in the detail department.  He is EXTREMELY detail oriented and quite honestly it can be exhausting.  He knows whose shoes and bags are whose and he gets really concerned if your shoes are not on your feet.  Speaking of shoes--my mom got him some jibbitz for his Crocs.  Well he is in love.  And believe me, you will hear if they are not upright and straight.  He spends a lot of time twisting his jibbitz to the correct position.  Too funny.  He refuses to eat with dirty hands and asks to be cleaned multiple times throughout the meal.  Basically, he likes things to be as they should be and has become quite a big helper around here as a result. 

The transition to a "big boy bed" has gone really well, much much better than I had expected.  After about two weeks of training, David has really taken to it well and no longer gets out of bed on his own.  Every time I go into to get him up, he gets on his knees and starts clapping for himself saying "I did it."  He definitely gets it now and I am actually thankful we were able to cross this milestone before Evie's arrival.  

**Blogger is being slow.  I have a ton of photos waiting to be uploaded.  It just isn't working right now.

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