Sunday, December 30

Good Morning

This is what I woke up to find...Little David peering at me in his drowsiness. He is the cutest!! And as soon as he grows some muscles in those arms, he is no longer bassinet eligible. Time to break out the Pack N Play!!

Best Buds

David LOVES his Daddy. And since I love him as well, it all works out very nicely. Honestly, Grant is soo good with our little guy. Not only is he so fun and goofy, he is loving tender and affectionate. I love to watch them interact and cannot wait to see how the Lord will grow their relationship over the years. Here are some pics of the two of them playing...

Morning ESPN Ritual

Daddy is funny!!!

Friday, December 28

Sand anyone?

David's first trip to the beach!! He for sure has Eddleman eyes because it was overcast and he could barely keep them open. Even so, he seemed pretty mesmerized by it all and a little unsure of where we had taken him. Here are a few pics, Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 26

No tears???

David has a clear favorite: His Daddy. They are hilarious together and already the best of friends. Try as I might, David never laughs at me like he does his daddy. If you know Grant, then you understand why this is the case. Grant is still a kid and a pure goofball. The term "freak" has become a term of endearment in our marriage because Grant is always doing something bizarre for a laugh. I'm pretty relieved for Grant to have David to entertain because now I don't have to entertain Grant's weird whims. All of this makes for a fabulous Daddy though. Grant works a lot, so we aren't used to having him around for the daily baby routine. After this holiday week, it is going to be hard getting used to it just being the two of us again. Especially because David doesn't cry during his bath or diaper changes when Daddy is home. This week David never cried during or after his bath. He even laughed while having his diaper changed by his Daddy. Oh, we will miss Dad for sure!!

3 months old going on 16....

Our guy LOVES his sleep. And I mean LOVES it. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old and now he is sleeping about 10 hours a night! You know your baby loves sleep when YOU have to wake him up Christmas morning AFTER 8 o'clock. He puts himself to sleep throughout the day like clockwork. Sleeps through football games, church services, and just about anything else. He takes 3 hour naps twice a day and cat naps embetween them all. It's unbelievable. It's almost as if he is a narcoleptic. For example, he may wake up from his morning nap around 1130. Let's say I need to shower, so I put him back in the crib around 1215 and he falls asleep AGAIN! We joke that we should not have a second child because it will probably come out screaming and never sleep a day in its little life. But for now, we are getting some precious sleep. He loves his morning nap so much I usually have to wake him up to run my errands before his afternoon nap. When I go to wake him up, he is certainly not happy and tends to bury his face in the bed while covering his head with his hands. Who knew an infant could exhibit such adolescent behavior. He's a funny little guy.

Tuesday, December 11

Sunday, December 9

Sunday Lunch with Santa!

I am thankful to have our first Christmas while David is so young and frankly, oblivious. I need more time to pray through teaching David about Christmas and what all it means for Christians. I want him to enjoy the childhood fantasy of Santa Clause and all that comes along with his little imagination for sure. Even so, I am burdened by the world's attempt to steal the true significance Christmas holds for God's people. How do I teach my child that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the fulfillment of prophecy, and the love of a perfectly merciful and just God in the midst of all that the world has done to dilute this truth? How do I teach him that Christmas is about a perfect child born to bring salvation to the world when he is surrounded by presents solely meant for him? These are things I need to understand better how to convey to David as a parent and I need more time before he understands. Of course, I grew up with Santa and gifts on Christmas and never once questioned the meaning of Christmas. I will rest in the fact that God will win David's heart and equip me to train him up in the truth. I pray that a fictional holiday character will not steal from our family during such a sacred time as Christmas.

Friday, December 7


These are some photos from my homemade Christmas photoshoot of David. I have not posted what I actually chose for our Christmas card, but I thought a few of the others would be fun for the blog. After I get the cards done and mailed, I will post the official Christmas pic here for sure!

Someone looks extra cute in his Christmas PJ's!!!

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Sunday, November 25

6 times the fun!!!

We spent most of our Thanksgiving holiday at Lake Martin. It was so nice to just relax with family and enjoy some down time with David. He has been smiling and cooing, so our families love getting to his new little personality. We, being the hard core Auburn fans that we are, took our 2 month old to the Iron Bowl. Of course, he was amazing. He just stared around and snuggled with us in the cold. He actually got some sleep surprisingly enough. We loved having him with us and showing off our "Baby Tiger." It was so crazy being in Auburn with David since we had been there just 3 years earlier and were not even married. It turned out to be a fabulous evening of tailgating and football. Starting 'em young is the way to go!!! WAR EAGLE!!

Sunday, October 28

The Lake

Our friends, The Rogers, had us to their wonderful lake place for this past weekend. We had such a fun time with our little ones watching football, fishing, and just relaxing by the fire. Here are some pictures from David's first lake trip. He was so good and makes everything we do that much more fun for both Grant and me!! The Lord has truly blessed us with a very pleasant son to enjoy our life with!!!

The Lake

Monday, October 22


This is what happens when your husband thinks he has some magical influence over the outcome of Auburn football based on what rituals are repeated while watching. David was sleeping soundly and I refused to let him be woken up to satisfy Grant's ridiculous superstitious nature. Even so, Grant insisted David wear the "lucky" tobogan that brought the Tigers through the upset in the Swamp. And this is what resulted, a hat perched on top of a sleeping newborn's head. Ridiculous, and hilarious all at the same time. I am secretly relieved we lost so David is free from the constraints of superstition on Saturday evenings in our home. War Eagle!!

Wednesday, October 17

Wednesday, October 3

Sunday, September 30

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