Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day

Dave spent his first memorial day at Lake Guntersville for a long weekend with family.  He had a blast swimming in the baby pool, chilling in the shade, sipping water from our cups and basically climbing into everything (see post below).  He got to sport his swimmy diaper and surfer shirt for basically 12 hours a day.  He was a true bum and had a blast!!  

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Babies Stand?!?!

David pulled up on furniture for the first time on his actual 8 month birthday.  For the past month he has been able to pull to his knees in his crib and just recently to his feet.  However, he had no quite figured out how to crawl towards furniture and get to his knees without smashing his head into the base of the couch.  Well, now he is standing ALL THE TIME.  It is very surreal to turn around and your BABY is standing over the toy basket rummaging through it for his toy of choice.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  I mean, sitting and creeping/crawling has produced quite a change in our boy, but STANDING is just too much for me.  Babies should not be able to stand!  Then again, he will be 1 year old in 4 months.  WHAT!!??  The pictures are of his first time pulling up on the ottoman at my in-laws lake place.  After he accomplished this feat, he was pulling up all weekend and into absolutely everything!

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Tuesday, May 20

Water Baby

David has very quickly become a seasoned lake bum.  Wednesday, his Daddy went on a business trip and Momma took it as an opportunity for a long weekend at Lake Martin.  The weather was UNBELIEVABLE!  David played in his exersaucer under the umbrella, drove the boat for a bit, floated around the water, splashed in the baby pool, and slept like a champ.  We MAY be coming out of the Nap Strike.  I am afraid to speak it out, but he took 2 huge naps every day at the lake.  We shall see.  

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Monday, May 12

Bubble Bath

I am so glad that bath time has become a fun and happy event for our little guy.  For the longest time he either hated it or just somehow endured it to the end.  Once he could sit up, we started bathing him in the kitchen sink and he LOVES it!  He plays, splashes, tries to catch the bubbles and is so cute!!

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War Eagle!!

Saturday, Grant walked at graduation and received his MBA.  We are so excited for his accomplishment and proud of his endurance as he diligently completed 2 years of schooling(at the rival to our alma mater) while also working!!  Now, that takes some patience.  Good job honey!  I was sort of nervous that David might not make it the entire ceremony, but he did surprisingly well.  He napped for awhile, played around, had some juice and a barley biscuit, but never made a peep.  Thank you pacifier.  

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Lake Lake Lake

What a perfect mother's day afternoon!!!  David snuggled with me in the hammock for over 2 hours.  It was amazing!!!

David had a fabulous time at the lake this weekend.  We were only there a little over 24 hours due to graduation, but it was soo relaxing.  He loved playing with Emmie Sue and Wilbur.  And he loves the measuring spoons mom keeps at the lake.  I think he actually stole them when we left.  Don't worry Nanny, we will bring them back!!

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Friday, May 9

He is everywhere!!

This picture is of Dave thinking:  Mom, I'm just going to go where I want.  Get over it, k?
With crawling apart of our lives now, things are a bit crazy.  The place is babyproofed, but somehow David is able to get into things I never imagined he would even notice.  Yesterday, his toys were strewn everywhere and yet he was determined to get my lucite lap desk from between the sofa and side table.  I would go over, move him, redirect him, and then he was making a 180 within seconds to find it again.  He has managed to pull the computer cord down from a table, try to eat the base of a floor lamp, and hurdle the legs of the high chair all while ignoring his toys.  I am somewhat nervous about this summer at the lake.  I mean we can't exactly tether him to the dock..ha!  I guess it is time to say goodbye to the days of our little man quietly playing with his toys on a blanket under an umbrella.  Sad!! 

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Tuesday, May 6


Not much to say today.  Things are just about the same.  Grant graduates Saturday with his MBA and we are so proud of him!  He has diligently balanced working and class for nearly a year now.  I am very blessed to have a husband who has such an amazing work ethic.  I am excited for lake season.  My parents just got a pontoon boat.  Mom calls it The Toon.  Yes, The Toon.  She loves it....Dad, not so much.  It's basically a huge playpen for David so it should be a really fun summer at Lake Martin!  Oh, we are getting a garage sale in the works.  I am completely against hoarding or anything that somewhat resembles saving for the sake of saving.  I am going to be a big girl and let go of over half of my purse/bag collection!!  It will be a cleansing experience.  Other than that, David is basically crawling.  He moves his knees 2 or 3 times and then creeps the  rest of the way.  We are on our way to mobility.  Should be an interesting summer....

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Thursday, May 1

Random Happenings

1) We have a creeping genius on our hands.  He may never learn to crawl the correct way, but he is certainly on the move!

2) Dave is no longer a tummy baby.  He now prefers his side, but also ends up in twisted crooked positions with his head smashed against the bumper bad.  He is a messy sleeper to say the least.

3) As of this month, he has worn his first life jacket and enjoyed his first boat ride.

4) David has just recently gone on Nap Strike.  It is exhausting.  Good thing he sounds like he is saying Mama when he cries.  During nap time, we hear Mama a lot!

5) Lastly, I think the little man has confused his exersaucer with a Johnny Jump Up.  I don't have the heart to tell him.  He is having too much fun!

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