Saturday, August 7

She Loves Us

In Evie's 8 month post, I made a note that she is very content since gaining mobility.  I may need to take that back, HA.  The past few days she has been so aware of where her people are that we can barely keep her content unless she is being held or actively looked at.  David was never one to cry when I left the room, so this is definitely a new experience for me.  I always heard of babies who cried when they found themselves alone and Evie is one of those for sure.  It amazes me what she really is able to take in and understand at this age.  She has gotten to the point where her fusses are intentional and usually used to get her way: be picked up, get another cracker, etc.  It's also as if she is calling me as she crawls from the den to the kitchen trying to find me.  It does make for a warm welcome when I come get her up from bed.  She is always perched on her knees, peering through the railings, just waiting for me with the biggest smile.  It is really sweet.  I guess I thought that a physically active baby would be more independent, but for us it has proved to be the opposite.  David (our mellow child) is extremely tender and sweet, but is very very independent and always has been.  So far, Evie is a monkey mess, but is extremely dependent on her Mama's affection and attention.  She also has a soft spot for her Daddy and LIGHTS up when he comes home after work.  She has just gotten to where she almost is reaching out for one of us.  Just a little sweet detail about our Girl I wanted to note for when she is grown.

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Thursday, August 5


Our boy is 2 years and 10 months.  And I promised myself I wouldn't say anything about flying time.  So, moving on.....

He is a hoot.  David has become quite the entertainer and little silly pants.  He loves to run around doing funny struts while making exaggerated animal noises.  He often pretends to be a dinosaur.  His dinosaur of choice is always the T-Rex.  He is full of questions and 'whys' and 'what does this mean'.  I am astounded at his memory and sense of direction.  He is still obsessed with singing, guitars, and performing his 2 favorite songs: the ABCs and Amazing Grace.  As every near 3 year old, he is extremely possessive of his things and has a near come apart at every sighting of a crawling sister.  He has even tried to stand on her hands to keep her from crawling towards a beloved toy :).  Other than sharing and aggressive hugging, David is extremely sweet towards Evie and is very tender with her---as long as she stays on her side of the room :).  Big man is COMPLETELY potty trained and has been since about mid July.  It has been such a relief to trust him in the car and while out on playdates or running errands.  I am also excited to say he has had dry nights and naps for over 2 weeks now!!  David's all time obsession are fire trucks.  He also loves the fire chief car, police car, and garbage truck.  As of now he says he wants to be a 'fireman to the rescue' when he grows up.  His favorite shows are Chuggington and Little Einsteins.  He loves to recite the ABCS and always says TVU instead of TUV.  I kind of like it that way though :).  Books, books, and more books.   His favorite series is The Berenstein Bears or 'Bears Bears Bears.'  It is amazing how those super long books hold his little attention span for so long!!  His favorite foods are very limited: oatmeal, golden raisins, blueberries, granola bars, CAKE, chips, and peanut butter/honey sandwiches.  He is very weird about meat and will eat carrots or broccoli on a good day.  He is very particular and has a lot of texture issues.  Though he loves to swim, he HATES having water in his face.  I think we are going to wait until the Spring to start swim lessons to lessen the trauma.  It will be a huge relief once I know Daveman can swim!  Speaking of, he will not let me refer to him as 'Dave.'  He is always quick to say, "I not Dave, I DavID!"  DavID went through a long few weeks of absolutely no naps.  It made July VERY hard and I am being extremely diligent to get him down every day--he stays in there and "reads" even if he won't sleep.  Let's just say, I am thankful it is August.

We have had a really fun summer laying low and spending lots of time in the water.  However, we are both really looking forward to him starting "school" in the Fall.  I think he will really love it.  Until then, I need to get crackin' on his THREE YEAR OLD birthday party---aah!!

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Our girl is 8 months old!! 

After starting to "crawl" at 7 months, she has been full out "all-4s" crawling for about 2 weeks now.  We even have had a few successful feats of pulling up (first was day before 8 month birthday).  Luckily, she is not very interested in standing.  I hope walking is not in the near future.

 Baby girl is still LOVING baby food.  Eats a ton.  5 jars a day.  She has done well with teething biscuits and saltine crackers, but has no interest in real table food.

 Gaga made this BEAUTIFUL smocked romper for the Fall and Winter.

The Jist

19 pounds
4 Six Ounce Bottles a Day
11 to 12 hours of sleep at night
No teeth
On our 4th ear infection.  Second in 2 weeks!!
Very very content since gaining mobility.
Tongue always out!
Refuses to let anyone eat without also feeding her :).
Looking more and more like Mama with Daddy's big BLUE eyes.
Loves music and dancing.
Always getting into non-toy things: magazines, power cords, dirty shoes, etc.
ADORES her brother.
Love to play rough and wrestle.
Tough and assertive around other children.
Very ticklish.
Still very smiley and social.

Happy 8 Months Lou!!  We love love love you!!
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Lake Guntersville

A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend with Grant's family at Lake Guntersville.  We had a blast floating around, riding the jet ski and 4wheeler, eating good food, and spending a day in Chattanooga.  We went to the aquarium and rode on the historic railroad.  David had a wonderful time and talked about the aquarium for days and was enamored by the steam engine turn table.  Evie did so great just going with the flow and watching Big Brother run around like a maniac.  I have to note that David was SO BRAVE and rode on the tube with Aunt Maynee!  We were all so shocked and I think it had something to do with the fact it was time to load up and head back.  He was so sad about not being able to stay, he decided he would go for a ride on the tube.  This is big for our boy!!

Thank you Gaga and Papaw for such a relaxing and fun filled weekend!!
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