Tuesday, April 13

Spring has Sprung

This weather is unbelievable.  We have been living outside.  Afternoons filled with sidewalk chalk, water hoses, picnics, and trips to the park.  The past few days have been perfect---no humidity, no sweat, a cool breeze.  Most our mornings are spent on the back patio and most of our evenings are spent on a blanket in the front yard.  David is in heaven.  He and his chubby little bare feet have been tracking wet grass all throughout our house--signs of summer!!

Evie Update: We tried rice cereal last Thursday and it did not go well at all.  I can tell she needs it in order to sleep through the night as she used to, but her poor little tummy did not approve.  We are going to hold off and see if her system can mature a bit before trying again.  Evie absolutely LOVES her exersaucer.  I cannot believe she is old enough to enjoy it.  Every time I look over her way I think how bizarre it is my baby is old enough to play with things.  She is an extremely happy baby still and smiles constantly.  She never meets a stranger and loves to pose for the camera.  Evie loves to sleep and if she wakes up from her afternoon nap before 4, she has to take another nap before bedtime.  Her morning naps are still short and usually on the go in the car.  If we are home she has started to stretch her morning nap to a little over an hour or so.  She needs a good bit of help going down and can get overtired and overstimulated very easily.  She is still very strong and if you try and swaddle her in the middle of the night when she is upset you will know what I am talking about---basically like swaddling a wet cat.  I can tell she is going to have a lot of personality and I look forward to seeing what she will be like as a toddler.  We are in love with her and I cannot believe I ever worried about having enough room in my heart for two.  She is perfect for us and I LOVE having a daughter already. 

David Update:  Still going strong in the big boy bed/no pacifier department.  The other day I asked him if he missed his pacis.  He responded with, "NO!  I a big boy now Mommy."  The one casualty that came with the paci seize was our beloved long deep naps.  He sleeps about half the week and plays in his bed the other half.  I am hoping he learns to go down better as time goes on.  He is very into being a big boy.  He loves to do things himself or "myself" as all toddlers do.  He loves to play on the back patio and the front yard.  He must always have his hat as you can tell from the pictures.  If I talk it off, he starts crying that he needs it to go outside.  I have clearly traumatized him regarding sunscreen.  Every time he walks to the car and the sun hits his face, he starts running and hollering--I getting sunburned Mommy!!  AAH!!  He also is obsessed with his Thomas Train sunglasses--or really anything Thomas.  He really only plays with choo choo trains these days and an occasional fire truck.  He loves what he calls 'Jesus Songs' and goes around the house singing things like Jesus Loves the Little Children or Amazing Grace.  Most toddlers go through the "Why" stage.  We have not hit that one just yet or we have replaced with the "What does this mean?" stage.  I get bombarded with questions throughout most of our car rides which I really enjoy.  However, the repetitive question routine thing is about to do me in.  "What does heaven mean?  What does world mean?  What does children mean?"  All of those are great however, his all time favorite is, "What does slurp mean?"  He has asked me this question probably 5 times per car ride for 3 days in a row.  No idea where this came from, but it's funny for sure.  He is very possessive of his grandparents.  Yesterday, while driving to my Mom's house, he said "I not want Nannny to hold my baby Evie.  I want Nanny to hold me."  He is the same way with my Dad and with Grant's parents.  And lastly, David made my day today when he came over leaned his head against my shoulder and said, "Mommy, you a sweet Mommy.  I luh you."  Best day.  Love him.

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Tuesday, April 6

Sibling Love

I promise this is not staged.  I just cannot get over how precious and sweet this is.  David has the most tender heart and I know it will serve him well in how he relates to Evie.  The last month has brought much more loving interest for Evie.  David always wants to hold her and feed her.  You can tell he is much more nurturing and comfortable with the day to day presence of his little sister.  I am loving seeing this side of him.  Today we were at story time and I was holding Evie standing in my lap.  She kept pushing on David's back with her right hand.  He then kind of glanced at her, reached behind and grabbed her hand.  It was so cute.  He then held her hand for a good 3 or 4 minutes while listening to the story. Every now and then he would just peek back at me with this sweet little grin.  He knew he was being nice and was proud.  This family thing is so fun, such a blessing!
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Monday, April 5

He is Risen!

Easter was such a special day for us.  After a quick morning of playing with our Easter treats, we headed to church.  David absolutely loves Sunday School and basically runs down the hallway hollering at us to hurry up.  We were able to sneak in last minute to sit with my family.  It was a wonderful service with amazing worship.  We love our church!  Lunch and our entire afternoon was spend enjoying both sides of our family.  We are very blessed to have so many people who love our children as their own.   The weather was just perfect, especially since the past 2 years have been so cold!!  I love David in blue seersucker and Evie was able to wear a babette I had made for David to wear home from the hospital.  Grant's Mom (Gaga) made a BEAUTIFUL tea stain T-lace bonnet.  I thought she looked so precious!  Praise God for the perfect gift of family and for giving His Son that we might have eternal life--O death where is your sting!!??  (NEW POST BELOW)
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Easter Week

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Thursday, April 1