Wednesday, February 27

5 Months!

Yesterday, David turned 5 months old...
I find myself torn between rejoicing over his healthy development and lamenting over how quickly it has passed. Dave has brought such JOY to our life. We are having a blast loving on this little guy and I am SO very thankful to be given this awesome life changing experience.
Sometimes I like to fantasize about being able to start over once David turns 1. If I could, I would rewind to 7 weeks old and relive another year with him. This is especially true when I think of having TWO kids and how overwhelming that must be. For now, I will enjoy the relative amount of freedom one child allows our family to have.

We taught Dave how to copy us as we stick our tongues out. Well, now I can barely get a picture of him without his tongue. Apparently he thinks anytime I am trying to get his attention, that I am asking to see this new trick of his.

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Tuesday, February 19


This is one hands on Daddy.

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Then and Now

David's friend Bella is only 2 weeks older. We have been posing them for pictures ever since. I was flipping through some old shots and was AMAZED at how much they have changed in less than 5 months. They both look so different now!!!

In case you are wondering, Dave is exuding a nice jaundice glow in color orange.

Saturday, February 16

Happy Baby

Dear God,

Make me a jumping bean, so I can jump far far away from here.


Pure Joy

"Turtle Man"

This kid LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES his exersaucer. We have affectionately named it the 'Busy Bee'. Usually David is relatively mellow and chill, but he is transformed when he is placed in that little toy. He jumps incessantly throwing his body back and forth. I do not think I have ever seen his legs relaxed when he sits in it because they are always locked and ready to go! I love seeing his playful side and for the first time have witnessed pure joy on his face as he plays and jumps all around. I apologize if the pics to come over the next few months are only of Dave in the Busy Bee, he seems the most free and happy in that thing!!
Thank you wise inventor of the busy bee!!

Thursday, February 14


"Cade, what do you think about us breaking out of here? Too many women in this place!!!! You distract them with some fussing while I grab the pacis,"

Long time no see...

So I have been MIA and have missed blogging about our little man. So here's a little update of what we've been up to.



Tuesday, February 5


It amazes me how much Dave has changed in these past 4 months. At first, he was like Grant's little twin. Now, we are beginning to see a little more of my family him. There is no telling what he will end up actually looking like. Regardless, he's CUTE.