Monday, February 23

Same 'Ole Same 'Ole

As a family in the Real Estate business, I am fully aware of what trying and uncertain times we are living in these days.  Everyday I thank the Lord for allowing me to stay home with our little man and praise God that Grant remains employed and is able to provide a life for David and I. Despite all the uncertainty and penny pinching, the Lord has really allowed this year to be such a sweet time for our little family.  David is just growing into such a fabulously sweet and funny guy who is constantly learning and growing and showering us with affection.  This whole Mom thing is just so much more than I ever could have asked for.  He is a dream for us.  Speaking of Daveman, he is doing quite fine these days.  He still is working on his vocabulary and is getting quite good at pointing out things he knows how to say.  He also loves his mega blocks, wooden puzzles, riding toys, and books.  Lately, we have been spending the afternoons piddling around in the front yard.  He loves nature and spends ridiculous amounts of time collecting sticks and leaves (a future Colin if you watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight).  Picky eating is out of control and I just have decided to let it all go and realize this is just a phase.  It absolutely drives me insane that he lives off of fruit, bread, and cheese.  He is basically a breadatarian and only eats meat when it is seasoned with taco seasoning....go figure.  Even so, he seems to be doing well despite his rejection of most nutritional foods.  Blah blah, I will stop now.  I am still trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so bear with me.  Many more pictures to come!

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Wednesday, February 4

Two Peas in a Pod

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16 Months

David is changing so much these days and I have loved watching every minute of it.  He has become especially silly and spazzy and really likes to turn it on when new people are around.  We also have a little chatter box now which has been super surprising considering he has always been such a quiet child.  As of now, his words of choice are: yes, please, hi, bye, car, ball, cracker (cracka), egg, paci (pas), blankie (bankie), bath, mama, and dada.  He has become a lot more willing to repeat new words and seems less cautious about trying to talk which has been really fun.  He has developed a fake staged smile that he brings out when he hears someone say, David, smile at the camera.  And he loves to play chase, throw himself on the floor, and run around doing various silly dance moves.  We are obsessed with the Backyardigans and have a serious affinity for music right now.  Most days are spent "singing" along to various songs or dancing around as we play with his musical instruments.  This is a seriously fun age full of cuddling, kisses, and lots of laughter.  I am so thankful for the great privilege of staying home to play with this little man every single day.

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