Sunday, October 28

The Lake

Our friends, The Rogers, had us to their wonderful lake place for this past weekend. We had such a fun time with our little ones watching football, fishing, and just relaxing by the fire. Here are some pictures from David's first lake trip. He was so good and makes everything we do that much more fun for both Grant and me!! The Lord has truly blessed us with a very pleasant son to enjoy our life with!!!

The Lake

Monday, October 22


This is what happens when your husband thinks he has some magical influence over the outcome of Auburn football based on what rituals are repeated while watching. David was sleeping soundly and I refused to let him be woken up to satisfy Grant's ridiculous superstitious nature. Even so, Grant insisted David wear the "lucky" tobogan that brought the Tigers through the upset in the Swamp. And this is what resulted, a hat perched on top of a sleeping newborn's head. Ridiculous, and hilarious all at the same time. I am secretly relieved we lost so David is free from the constraints of superstition on Saturday evenings in our home. War Eagle!!

Wednesday, October 17

Wednesday, October 3