Friday, August 29

All About David

I must warn you that this is going to be one of those posts where you get to hear all the random details that makes our little man who he is.  This really may not be all that interesting for you, which is fine.  I am actually just doing this for myself.  I feel like I haven't documented as many details as I would have liked over the last 2 months.  SO, as not to forget as my "Momma Brain" tends to do, here we go.

David: 11 Months
Nickname: Daveman, Dave

David's favorite favorites consist of sleeping and eating.  The child actually giggles on the way to the nursery because he KNOWS he is about to sleep.  If I don't rock him (rocking is for my sake alone) he will just curl up in a ball upon hitting the mattress and not even look up to find me.  I try and get him to rock with me for a little bit because he is SO BUSY these days I never get a cuddle from him.  He also loves food.  Banana is the new favorite.  He also eats turkey, squash, sweet potato, peas, strawberries, blueberries, chicken, cheese quesadillas, watermelon, cantaloupe, black eyed peas, and I am sure a few others I cannot recall.  We can't say milk or banana in front of him any longer.  He immediately gets excited and a little whiney in the hopes he is about to receive either of them.

It has amazed me how much he can actually understand.  Babies brains are fascinating.  I can tell him Daddy is home and he looks for the door and smiles.  We can say kiss the bear and he puts his nose in his open mouth.  Yesterday I told him to say hi to Abby and Telly on Sesame Street.  He then raised his hand and made a noise that sounded like "Hi" (probably just mimicking my noise, but fun all the same!)

If you want to entertain the little guy, just give him 2 pacis.  He will sit there and suck on one for awhile.  Then he will realize he is holding one and seems to forget he already has one in his mouth.  So, he replaces it.  This process continues over and over again for quite awhile.

He loves to play alone.  He is really great about entertaining himself.  As long as there isn't any sort of technology (remote controls, cell phones, computers) in sight to tempt him from his toys, he will sit and tinker for half an hour without even making a peep.

I often call him 'David The Destroyer'.  You build a castle of blocks, he cannot tear it down fast enough.  You organize his toy shelf and within minutes every single toy is thrown off the shelf and onto floor.  I keep seeing these moms blog about their sweet little 10 month old girls quietly stacking blocks or placing rings on a stick.  If only!!!  It cracks me up because that is SO not David.  He is quite the opposite in fact.  

He has yet to walk, but basically runs around the house behind any object that will move....chairs, baskets, toys, stools, etc.  I think that is why he is so uninterested in actually walking by himself.  He simply does not need to walk.  He gets around just fine in his eyes!  Even so, he has taken 4 steps a few times which is really exciting.  Honestly though, he is completely uninterested in it.  You really have to set up the perfect scenario and tempt him with that perfect object of desire (technology).

He loves tiny things.  Tiny books, tiny cars, tiny rattles....anything he can hold easily in his hand.

Smiling at strangers went out the window about 2 months ago.  He honestly looks at people he doesn't know with this look of complete confusion and uncertainty.  Thankfully, he isn't one to cry about it, but you can tell he really has a cautious spirit.

There is no doubt he prefers his Daddy.  They really have a special bond.  It amazes me honestly.  The child cannot get enough of his Dad.  I am just glad I get the days alone with him...otherwise I may honestly feel rejected, ha!!

Last few thoughts:
-likes to share his food during mealtime
-loves for me to sing the ABCs during diaper changes
-often "sings" along with Amazing Grace while being rocked before bedtime.
-loves nose kisses
-does not like to be told no.  you can tell he knows what I mean, but he usually looks at me and then tries to do it again.  maybe a little stubborn nature in there...we shall see.  i mean he is related to at least 5 incredibly stubborn people!!!
-off the bottle :(
-LOVES Sesame Street...the only time of the day he actually sits still.  though he only can make it about 20 minutes before he is ready to play.  but it is 20 minutes of trancelike giggling and pointing.  
-completely knows his boundaries and often looks around to see if he will get caught doing something he knows is off limits.  example: computer is open and i am folding clothes.  he will walk over to the computer and grin in complete excitement.  then he will look over to me almost as if he is checking to see if i am watching.  then he will slowly put his hand up to the keyboard without taking his eyes off of me.  it is pretty funny to witness.  babies brains amaze me!!!

OK, that is more than enough for now.  

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Monday, August 25

11 Months

You are a joy to us David Grantham!!

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Sunday, August 24

SO fun!!

Pictures of Daveman are minimal these days.  He is busy and crazy and all over the place.  He barely stays still to play with a single toy, much less smile at a camera.  I really think food is the only thing that captures his attention for longer than 35 seconds.  

The cliches are true.  I cannot believe our little man is days away from his 11 month birthday.  I feel the need to capture every second of these last months before David becomes a TODDLER.  So here are the random happenings of the last month or so....

David's cautious tendencies seem to be rather selective.  He doesn't seem to have the confidence to walk, but he will climb just about anything and crawl to the edge of the bed with no fear.  He is starting to learn how to get down feet first by scooting off on his tummy.  It amazes me how quickly babies pick up on adult behaviors.  David just recently started putting his play phone on his ear/shoulder after it rings.  We are also brushing teeth now and trying to eat out of a bowl.  Pouting is a daily event around here and seems to be David's choice version of communication lately.  Sadly enough, he spends most of his days at home in PJ pants with no shirt.  I promise he does have a few cute outfits!!

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Wednesday, August 6


Every single day, David has to make the rounds.  Sometimes this happens 3 times a day.  I usually clean up between naps only to find the same mess about 15 minutes after he wakes up.  It is hilarious to see what kind of disaster a 10 month old can create in a little under 20 minutes.  I thought I would include a play by play of what the little man routinely does and often in the same order.  I usually put him down with some of his books when he start the day.  He plays with those for a few minutes and then makes his way to the curtains.  After playing behind the curtains for awhile, he moves onto the dog kennel.  He has gotten very physical lately, and has decided he does not like the way mom has placed the kennel.  He must turn it completely around.  Once he is satisfied he crawls across the dining area and begins to pull out every single wicker ball and roll it across the floor.  Then comes the cook books and then he is off to the cabinets.  He no longer is interested in the cabinets I have designated for his toys.  I have babyproofed the cabinet under the sink where we keep cleaning products.  The rest are fair game for his curious little hands.  Usually he pulls out a pot, a cutting board, a few casserole dish baskets.  

It is AMAZING to see how quickly they go from sleeping soundly in the Papasan chair for most of the day to bringing a whole new version of normal to your idea of clutter.

Good thing he doesn't have a twin!!

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Where's The Baby?

David LOVES peek-a-boo.  A couple of weeks ago he started pulling his blanket over his head when we say, "Where's the Baby?"  He then pulls it down quickly and smiles so big.  

David also loves to play in the curtains.  Just recently I started saying "Where's the Baby?" and he starts giggling and working like crazy to get out from behind the curtain.  This picture is what makes me want to play this game all day long.

It's amazing how every month continues to get more fun!!!

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Sunday, August 3

Foodie McEstess

If I want to stage a picture because I love a particular outfit that I hope he never outgrows, I must bring along hair brush and chewy turtle.  Hair brush has become a toy.  He loves it.  It must accompany us to restaurants.  

Table food is a hit around here.  We have resorted to putting David in the high chair sans clothes.  It is a messy event to say the least.  However, he is happy, occupied, and restrained for nearly 30 minutes.  The high chair is our last surviving baby item WITH STRAPS that the child will play in willingly without tears.  Hence, mom loves meal time.  He LOVES to eat!!!  He actually will beat on his tray when he wants more food.  We will have to work on manners at a later date.  Most of his meals consist of 2-4 of the following items: sweet potato, squash, english peas, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cheerios, chicken, and PEACHES.  David has a serious obsession with peaches.  I cannot eat one in his presence without having him clamped to my leg begging for a bite.  It is hilarious and really sweet to share a peach with my little man.  I will be sad when peaches are out of season.

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