Wednesday, September 24

My Toddler.....

You know those websites that send you weekly updates on your child's development.  Well, up until now I have received emails entitled: My Baby This Week.  Do not worry, because the night before my BABY turns 1 I receive an email entitled: My Toddler This Week--Your One Year Old.  It was a sad reality check to say the least!!!

Even though it is bittersweet to welcome this new phase of David's life, I cannot believe how fun he keeps getting.  I definitely miss when he couldn't refuse a cuddle, but the interaction we have gained over these last months has been so precious.  

I simply cannot believe I am even having to blog about our little guy turning 1.  Today was pretty special and something I hope to remember when he is grown.  The weather was fantastic so I put a quilt in the front yard and gathered a basket of toys.  We spent over an hour just playing together in the shade.  I can't really explain what made it different from other playdays we have, but I just really enjoyed it and loved knowing it was the last day I would have him in this phase before toddlerhood.  

Things I want to remember:
-David loves to dance and breaks into his bouncy routine every time a Mac Ipod commercial comes on.  He already knows what is the superior technology!
-He also has gotten where he breaks into clapping whenever he hears the words: Clap your hands.
-He is signing Milk and More regularly now.
-The blue blanket has become a staple for the little man and he regularly plays games with it.  He likes to throw it over his right shoulder over and over and over again.  Sometimes he throws it too far and looks back like where on earth could it be?  Also, if you say "David, where's your blanket???" he starts frantically looking around where he is standing and takes off to find it.
-Sharing the paci with the dog is a new little trick David has become obsessed with doing.  I haven't exactly figured out how to deter him from pulling this off quite yet.  
-He has become a little walking machine and now has his first pair of big boy shoes that actually have rubberized souls.
-He is just starting to follow commands like: David put your paci in the water.
-Phones, phones, phones, and more phones.  Everything is a phone.
-Everything is also milk.  You say, "David, where is Mommy's nose?"  Where he once would grab my nose, now he just responds with the milk sign.  
-Lots of kisses and hugs
-He sat through all 4 quarters of the Auburn/LSU game like a champ and amazed us all.  I continue to pack for these games as if he will be spending the night in the stadium.  He continues to surprise me with his flexibility.  

David,  You are such a joy and an absolute blast.  I could not be happier than when I am spending all of my days caring for you and playing your games.  
Thank you Jesus for such a strong, healthy, and cheerful little boy.  Grant us the grace we need to teach and equip him for a life that may bring you glory and honor.

You are now one year old and I really cannot talk about it.

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Thursday, September 11

Favorite New Friend

My mom's oldest sister gave David the cutest little rocking horse.  He is absolutely precious and David loves him.  This little horsey gets lots of attention, kisses, and back rides.  When Daveman is completely excited about something he just opens his mouth really really wide.  He does this every single time he gets a ride on the rocking horse.  He likes to bounce up and down on him and try to figure out how to make him rock.  And David has gotten pretty good about getting off the horse all by himself.  Thanks Aunt Susan!!!
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What we do...

New things:
-Attachment to blue blanket 
-WALKING!!!  We still have a little ways to go for him to be free range mobile, but he definitely is a walker and prefers it to crawling.  I never thought he would give up crawling, we shall see!!
-Cheering the Auburn Tigers on!  David LOVES to shake his orange and blue shaker while he watches the game.
-we are now making it through a little over 20 minutes of Sesame Street without demanding a change of activity.
-David has surprised us with showing a little bit of understanding of sign language.  He has only mastered "Milk" and we are not surprised.  The boy LOVES to eat.  The pictures of him standing in front of the door with his hand in the air is him trying to sign for milk.
-I am afraid the climbing has only become a bigger problem.  He climbs up his toy shelves, and on top of any low sitting stool, box, or chair.  He absolutely loves to climb and giggles with delight as if he is so proud he made it to the top.

11 Months has brought a lot of fun times for us and we are loving getting to know our little guy!

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Wednesday, September 3

War Eagle

I simply cannot believe football season is actually here.  It still feels like summer and yet we headed to the first Auburn game of the season this past weekend.  It was such a fun weekend to spend at the lake with family.  My sister and her boyfriend, my parents, and my brother and his girlfriend celebrated Labor Day with us at the lake.  The weather was beautiful, but we really just spent our time relaxing together.

I was a nervous wreck about taking David to the football game.  We took him to the Iron Bowl last year when he was 8 weeks old.  Of course he was a breeze because he had very little things to be demanding about.  He had milk and sleep during the game and was incredibly pleasant through all 4 quarters.  Well, this time he is 11 months old.  He is a busy crazy little boy who loves to play.  He really only allows you to hold him if you are standing.  The moment you sit down he wriggles from your lap ready to crawl around.  However, we thought a night game would be a good way to experiment and see if he can come to some games with us this season.  I was a stressed mess.  He was fighting his afternoon nap and was fussy and irritable right before we left.  Lately, he has not been one to sleep in the car when the sun is up.  So I was worried he would just scream the whole drive from the lake to Auburn.  I was certain we would not make it through the 2nd quarter.  So, I packed my bag full of juice, water, and all kinds of food and toys.  Thankfully, he slept the entire 45 minute drive!!  I was absolutely shocked.  When we arrived he was completely content to sit in his stroller and people watch.  He spent the whole game traveling from lap to lap.  He really seemed completely content.  Phew!

Other news:
11 months is such an interactive age!  
-Dancing is a new thing David LOVES to do.  We can ask him if he wants to have a dance party and he immediately starts panting and bouncing up and down.  Today, I turned on Sesame Street so I could load the dishwasher in peace.  I peeked into the den and saw him leaning on his stomach on the ottoman and just bouncing around dancing to the music.  Hilarious!
-Kisses and hugs used to be something we would ask for and he would oblige.  Now he cannot get enough.  Last night we put him in the bathtub to play.  We were both sitting on the floor talking to him and he kept standing up over and over again to kiss and hug each of us.  He could barely play he was so distracted by getting up to kiss and hug.  Of course we were soaking wet and it did not care in the least!!!  So fun!
-He loves to play games.  He will hide his face behind an open door and peek it out over and over again.  He also likes to lean his head all the way over to his shoulder.  He wants you to copy him and as soon as you do, he leans his head the other way and waits for you to do the same.  
-This past weekend he had his first grilled cheese.  It was so cute!!  He really loved it.  He also had his first game day pretzel...well just a few bites.  He seemed to like that as well.

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