Wednesday, March 26

All things new!

Well, 6 months has brought lot's of new experiences for our little man.  A couple of weeks ago David sat up for the first time unassisted.  Since then he MUST sit up at all times.  Sitting in his car seat at a restaurant is NOT an option.  I waited a few weeks to let him use a high chair because he had shown himself to toppling over.  This has led to me eating with one hand and holding a bouncing baby with my other hand.  Well, tonight we used the highchair AND the grocery cart baby seat!!!!  It gave me a HUGE sense of FREEDOM to leave that blasted car seat INSIDE the car!!!!  That thing has been the bane of my existence for the last 6 months.  I moved David to an umbrella stroller fairly early simply because it made me nauseated to think of toting that stupid car seat on my elbow.  Now, I just grab the babe, the bag, the floppy seat and we are off!  We have also started 3 a day baby food feedings.  Because we have been slowly introducing food since 4 months, we have a lot to work and mix with.  I am about to introduce carrots, squash, and avocado.  I am excited to begin branching out and allow him to be exposed a variety of real food.  I also got one of those nifty fresh food mesh thingys.  He loves to suck on pears or bananas through that little gadget.  It has been a great way to give fresh food snacks!! I highly recommend it.  6 months has also given us a HIGH ENERGY child.  He used to be known as the most mellow kid on the block.  Now a days, he is ALL over the place: digging through my purse, JUMPING off of anything his feet touch, and shoving just about everything in his mouth.  Basically he acts as if he is always in an exersaucer.  It's pretty hilarious and definitely a change in pace.

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Monday, March 24

Slow down David!!

David is now 6 months old.  I absolutely cannot believe it.  He has dazzled us since late September and left us changed forever.  It's a very bittersweet thing as I am sure all of you moms know, to watch your baby slowly leave babyhood.  I rejoice in how blessed and protected his health has been, but part of me wants to keep him like this much longer than I will be allowed.  Happy 6 month birthday little man!!!

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Sunday, March 23

He is Risen!!

David had a great first Easter.  I must say he was looking quite dapper in his pale blue linen and knee socks.  We started with church at 9 and then we headed off to lunch with my extended family at 11.  After that, we made our rounds to Grant's side of the family and visited for the afternoon.  It was really a delightful day and we are blessed to be surrounded by so many loving family members.  David is attention spoiled to say the least.  I already have to tell him he isn't the center of the world.  However, I think his reality is kind of contradicting this tactic of mine.  He will be 6 months on Tuesday and I am LOVING this age.  Dave smiles for the camera and is into EVERYTHING already.  I am not sure what I will do with him when he learns to crawl.  I guess the backpack will be my primary weapon when he gets fully mobile.  I feel like it could be much sooner than I expected, but you never really know.  I just never saw all this scooting and twisting coming so soon.  He is hilarious and I am definitely having to remember to bring toys WHEREVER we go.  His attention span is quite short and dinner forks don't make a great distraction for a baby.  He has spilled 2 drinks already and often tries to steal our food.  However, when I let him stick his hand in his food he has no idea what to do with it.  He's a quirky guy and I am excited for what is to come!!  Thank you God for the gift of motherhood!!!  It's a blast.

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Spring Break 2k8

With Grant finishing up graduate school, we got to enjoy our last real spring break for quite awhile.  My parents took us to Watercolor beach resort and we had a blast!!  David got to enjoy all the tons of attention from his many relatives.  He was incredibly content for being on the go all day and napping in the stroller or on his Nanny's chest.  Most days we would dig him a hole on the beach so he could sit up and he would play with his toys.  It was so crazy to see him all grown up, scooting around out of his hole and grabbing toys off of the blanket.  I can tell he is going to be a beach baby!!!

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Wednesday, March 5

What we've been up to...

growing hair

working on our sitting up skills and eating our hands of course!!

sticking our tongue out

chilling with daddio

waking up extra early and waiting for zombie mommy to come back to life.

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Saturday, March 1

Air Guitar

We apparently have a future rocker on our hands or maybe just a music lover. One thing is for sure, mom is so last year for this little guy. I am already the uncool parent. Dave ADORES his daddy. Whenever I hold him and Grant is home the kid stares at him from across the room smiling from ear to ear. It doesn't matter if Grant is even paying attention to him. David seems to look in the distance in the hope that his Dad just MIGHT look his way. You can tell they already have such a special bond and I am so thankful for how nurturing Grant has been in the few short months we have had David with us. For those of you who follow this blog, you may know that Grant by nature is an attention seeker. He loves to dance around the house and will only stop once he has received my recognition that yes in fact I see his outrageous dance moves. Thus, having a child who is an indentured audience for Grant has been a nice reprieve from my duty to notice such oddities. David is blessed with a dad who does not fear weirdness or completely making a fool himself for the sake of a laugh. I am sure I bore this kid to tears with my boring diaper changes and lame version of entertainment. Tonight was especially fun for David because he got his own personal concert from Grant. It was HILARIOUS. I was literally crying from laughing so hard. Grant started with a little air guitar and belted out some Kansas. David LOVED it so much he grinned and stared mesmerized at his dad the entire time. As soon as that song was over, fussing ensued. It is so funny to see David already trying to communicate with us. He clearly was asking for more. As soon as Grant broke into some Led Zeppellin David was all smiles and completely still just staring with joy. It was awesome, but the bar of fun has certainly been set high for our kids. Sometimes I can see myself breaking into a terribly off key rendition of Kansas when Grant is at work just to get a laugh. Reminds me of that Friends episode where Rachel sings Baby Got Back to Emma because Ross made her laugh with his performance. It's amazing what we will do to get a laugh from our children!!!
(yummy recipe below!!)

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