Tuesday, July 14


Two year olds are quirky little people.  Don't get me wrong--it is incredibly endearing and I daily am laughing at the new expressions this child is coming up with the navigate through life with a fairly limited vocabulary.  Uh-Oh is a staple for sure.  'All better' and 'all clean' are definitely a necessity for survival as is 'boosch' which means fork in David lingo.  He refuses to eat with his hands most days and requires a boosch for each of his meals.  'Monk' means milk, 'My' is what he has named his blankies and 'Padi or Patti' is his little name for his pacifier.  And the list goes on--you get the idea.  It is funny how living with this little guy has allowed me to interpret these various phrases no matter the context or inflection of his voice--it's just his language and I guess we get it.  For example, uh-oh is used in a repetitive fashion and can mean any of the following:
-my hand is dirty
-my clothes are falling off
-my shoe feels funny
-there is a piece of carrot on my pasta.  please dispose of this immediately.
-why can I not pick up 2 dimensional trucks from the pages of my book
-marley is whining
-the motorcycle man won't stay on the horse's back
-i found a vegetable you were trying to sneak into my food
-my water gun is empty
-the paper on my crayon is peeling off

It amazes me how seamlessly our days seem to flow because of the gift of one simple word/phrase.  It also makes me sad to think that children probably are frustrated through most of their days before they are able to speak---this boy has a lot of preferences to say the least.  It has shown up especially this summer as we have been on the road a good bit for various family getaways.  He refuses to allow me to put my hand on the back of my headrest while we are driving.  Apparently, it is his seat...not sure.  This response is also elicited if Grant and I show any affection just about anyplace or anytime, most especially in the car.  Gone are neck rubs, hand holding, etc--he will not stand for it.  Oddly, my Mom says I was just the same way as a child and would have a meltdown if I found my parents hugging or holding hands--most especially on car trips.  Genetics are scary.

Speaking of roadtrips--we have been on quite a few this month.  We spent 2 weekends at the beach with different sides of the family and were at the lake for the 4th of July.  To say the least--David has gotten a lot of wear out of his Target swim suits, crocs, and sun hat.  I have been a delinquent blogger, yet again, and hope to make up for it with an array of photos from the past month or so.  You probably get the general idea of what we have been up to given David's wardrobe.

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