Thursday, May 14

Back in Business

It appears my blogging skills have seriously declined since Christmas.  I am sorry I have not been more entertaining.  I guess 15 months of committed blogging burned me out for a bit.  However, I am trying to pull it together and continue documenting life with little Daveman---who isn't so little anymore really.  He is nearing 20 months, aah!!  Cannot BELIEVE I just typed the number 20 in relation to our little guy.  He is a hefty 28 pounds and his Momma requires he walk a whole lot more these days as result of his growth spurt.  We are just up to the same ole thing really---parks, lake, playdates, and lots of playing outside.  Despite the gloomy weather, it has been unseasonably cool and so nice to not be sweating to death in May.

Sadly, my Mom's father passed away this week.  All of the cousins rushed down Friday to say our goodbyes because we could tell the time would be soon.  It was a bittersweet weekend for sure, but turned out to be a special time with family.  We were able to spend some time at the pool and beach with David and he loved it for the most part.  You could tell he did not remember the beach from last year---there were tears when it came to walking on sand, but he overcame his fears once he discovered he could collect sea shells and sticks.  He had a blast and enjoyed lots of special attention from his grandparents and great-aunts and uncles.

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