Monday, May 24

Beach Part 2

A rare photo of the two of us.  Reminds me of our pre-parent days when we took many a picture just like this.
Our sweet and precious babies.  They adore each other, for now at least.  Evie lights up in his presence and loves to play with his hair.  So far, he is tolerating her affections pretty well.
David seems so old in this picture.  When Evie was born, he had absolutely no interest in feeding or holding her.  5 months make a huge difference.
I am annoyed this photo is stuck sideways.  However, David was perched on his Daddy just like this the entire week.  He loved to go on walks on the beach and fight the waves in the ocean.  It took him 5 days to let his toes TOUCH the water, but once he got the courage to he was hooked!

This was one of my favorite nights of the entire week.  We walked down the beach in the late evening and ate dinner at The Crab Trap barefoot on the beach.  Then we walked back right at sunset and collected shells.
David loved going to the Destin Harbor and looking at all the fishing boats.  His favorite was the Pirate Ship.
Again, annoyed.  David LOVED putt putt golf.  However, he didn't love the challenge and preferred to place his ball 6 inches from the hole and hit it straight in every single time.
May is the BEST month for a beach trip.  We plan on going this time of year until David's school schedule forces us into June.  The breeze was unbelievable and we never broke a sweat!!  I loved spending time just the 4 us, hanging in, and spending every single day at the beach until late afternoon with no agenda whatsoever.  We are exhausted and happy.
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Sunday, May 16

Beach Trip 2K10: Part 1

David absolutely loves the beach.  He begs to build sand castles and swim in the pool.  The boy gets completely covered in sand and could care less.  It is hilarious to see sand on his eye lids and all over his hands as he shoves Teddy Grahams in his mouth, grit and all.  Grant basically just dug him a huge hole to play in and he would sit in there forever just playing contentedly.
 Evie is the best beach baby.  She sleeps just about anywhere which has truly surprised me.  She loves the water and cuddling while Brother plays.  I will say this trip has been very enjoyable for me because I have been able to spend more time holding Evie and letting her sleep on me.  I just cannot get over how squishy she is--she looks adorable in her swimsuits!.
David has been swimming all over the pool and could go all day long without a break.
We still have a whole other week here and it has already been the much needed break we needed as a family.  It has been so nice to have Grant around during the days.  He is such a fun Daddy!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures Mom. :)

Monday, May 3

My Favorite Little Ones

We are having so much fun.  Other than a right ear infection for Miss Evie Lu, things have been going quite smoothly.  David is such a tender and sweet little boy.  I am still covered up in "I love yous" or "I like your shirt, Mommy.  It pretty!" comments.  I could just eat him up on those days where I don't want to pinch his little head off.  Luckily, the hard days are few and far between.  For the most part he is still incredibly teachable and responds well to discipline.  I know, I am spoiled.  He makes me look good for sure.  He truly just wants to please his parents.  If I tell him something he did made me sad, he will say, "Oh no Mommy, I want to make you happy!"  He will often ask me if he "break yours heart" or if he "makes you happy."  I just love the way he talks and dread the day he starts using correct grammar 100% of the time.  His current obsession is Thomas the Train.  He watches it on Tivo every morning and luckily was able to borrow a Thomas Table and like a million trains from Grant's cousin, Mac.  Thank you Mac!!  He pretty much spends all of his time lining up his trains and riding them around on the tracks.  He knows all of their names and is very specific as to what order they go in.  His favorites are Thomas and Percy.  He says Evie can play with Henry.  David still goes around singing Amazing Grace and recently has memorized 2 Timothy 1:7.  He pumps his fist and says "POWERRRRR" and always leaves out love.  He also must start every time with "And 1, 2, 3 Go."  If I say "1-2-3 GO", he refuses to continue and says, "NO, And 1-2-3 Go."  All songs must start this way as well.  Lately, we have been referring to him as 'Bossman' because he is extremely bossy.  He HATES being told he is bossy and always says, "I not bossy!  No say Bossman."  We are working through it, but I guess it's par for the course when 2 oldest children give birth to an oldest child whose grandfathers are oldest children as well, ha! 

Evie is doing really well.  Just turned 5 months on the 1st!!  I cannot believe it.  She now prefers to sleep on her belly and goes down around 730 at night.  After a 1030 dreamfeed,  she sleeps to about 630 or 7.  Her morning nap is always on the go (poor girl) and then she crashes in the afternoon alongside her brother.  I am very luck to have a few hours to get things done or rest in the afternoon.  She is still extremely happy, but is quick to tell you if things are just not right.  Her sleep is getting better--three times now she has fallen asleep in public without fussing but a few seconds.  I was shocked.  Thankfully, the swaddle is history and I think that probably has contributed to her sleeping better in places where she cannot be swaddled.  She is so squishy and soft, I could hold her all day long!!!  Evie adores David and loves to smile and laugh at anything he does.  She can roll front to back and back to front, which means she is all over the bed.  She is extremely active and not the kind to sit still and relax.  Still doesn't meet a stranger and makes everyone feel like the most popular person ever!  So curious what her personality will be like!
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Thomas the Tank Engine

A few weekends back we took David to see Thomas the Train in Calera.  It worked out perfectly so we could go with some sweet friends: Lindsay, Andy, and Cade.  David LOVED being around Cade and is still asking about him.  They were so cute running from one activity to another and had a blast riding the train together.  It was hot, but the kids held up great and we even made it out of the gift shop without making a single purchase.  Amazing.  I really don't think the boys realized you could buy any of the trains since it was in a tent rather than store.  David has such a blast, he still randomly talks about it as if it happened yesterday.  In the car he will just say, "Mommy, riding Thomas was so fun.  Where's Cade?"  All in all, I am so glad we went!
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