Wednesday, July 30

Our Little Bookworm

David's newest obsession is "reading".  He LOVES books.  He constantly is perched over his book basket sifting through them all.  He sits on his knees, book in lap, flipping page after page. His personal favorite is Where is Spot?  I was surprised to find that he knows what parts of the page flip open.  He gets VERY excited about trying to find Spot and often times rips the flip piece right off the page.  This is all pretty sweet because I was also a bookworm as a baby/kid.  I never had a "lovey" or security blanket.  Instead I just toted books around with me at all times.  My mom spent many hours taping books back together after I ripped them to pieces in my crib.  

SO- Even though he hasn't attached himself to something babyish, it has been fun to see David show that he prefers books over blankets and stuffed animals.  (for now at least)

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Hey Dad...

What's going on up there??

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Tuesday, July 29

Silly Boy

Last night we were following David around the house with the camera.  He spent most of his time trying to climb up the refrigerator and kissing the cool surface.  It was pretty funny.  

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I cannot get enough of these soft, fluffy cheeks!!

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Saturday, July 26

And We're Back

We have just returned from a wonderful week at Orange Beach with Grant's extended family.  There were 21 of us that made the trip and enjoyed a sunny and somewhat breezy time on the beach.  David was surrounded by his 'People' as we like to call them.  We were not short on help and he was not short on attention to say the least.  This was David's second trip to the beach, but his first to be able to move around, get in the sun, and swim.  He LOVES the water.  He could have swam in the pool for hours if we had let him.  We even dunked him off and on and he was never bothered by it.  He ate lots of sand and crawled all over the place, even straight into the surf!!  The ocean was incredibly calm the first two days, so were able to float David around in the ocean to keep cool.  

He has really come alive this past week and is babbling all kinds of sounds: yaya, gaga, baba, dada.  We even saw him stand independently a few times for quite awhile.  He started doing this really cute thing where we sing 'Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy' and he starts bouncing up and down.  It is very fun to see that he is really understanding what we say even though he cannot quite communicate back to us yet.

Oh and we must not forget this poor child cut THREE top teeth in ONE week.  It was madness.  Seriously, he did not sleep all week.  Which means we did not sleep all week.  He has never been this sleepless and this inconsolable, not even as a newborn.  I am guessing it was 3 times the pain, so 3 times the misery for him.  Regardless, we made it!!  And now the little man has 6 teeth!

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Thursday, July 17

Tuesday, July 8

Happy 4th!!

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New Tricks

All the cliches are true.  Time with David is FLYING by.  I simply refuse to believe he is nearing 10 months and dropping baby behaviors by the day.  He is a little chatter box and loves to mimic, squeal, and laugh.  This man is a speed crawler.  I get afraid I may lose him in the house if I go get a drink from the fridge!  Climbing is a regular thing and must be supervised VERY closely.  David loves to not only walk behind his push toy, but also push anything that will move.  He routinely travels around the house testing the sturdiness of tables and chairs.  He has figured out how to push the high chair across the room and even walk behind his learning table which does not have wheels.  Table food is a new thing for the little guy and he has yet to love it.  I have continued to give baby food and offer a little bit of finger food for him to try.  Last night was the first time he seemed willing and interested.  He did very well and ate some sweet potato sticks and pear cubes.  We are taking it slow, but he seems to be getting the hang of it!

Also, the nap strike is back.  Lovely.  

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