Monday, November 1

Squishy, Smooshy, Smiley, Sassy

 This girl is ELEVEN months old and she brings so much joy to our lives.  Her little personality just about makes her jump out of her skin.  She is extremely aware of her surroundings and never misses a beat.  Sitting still is not her strong-suit because she prefers to be down on the floor exploring and working it out.  She rocks.  We love her.  Enough said.

All in all, she is a hugely easy child.  She still just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  Evie also is really great at playing alone for extended periods of time.  I usually let her loose in the playroom and she just tinkers around in there forever.  Though she is content, I would not call her mild or mellow.  She is for sure our spunky one and is definitely run by her feelings.  The girl can't talk, but she does a fine job commanding and ordering us all around.

 As of now, she is clapping, blowing kisses, feeding her babies, saying bye-bye, waving, signing milk and more, and responding to all types of commands.  I don't remember David comprehending so much at this age.  Maybe it's just a second child thing or maybe I just don't remember, ha!!  Ev loves a good beat and dances all the time to any kind of music.  My favorite is when she bounces and swings her one little arm back and forth ferociously.  She loves the Auburn fight song and breaks into clapping as soon as it starts.  The one thing that has shocked me most is her love for baby dolls.  I never imagined that Evie would be actually "caring" for her dolls at 10 months old.  She loves to pat their backs, kiss them, and feed them a bottle.  And boy does she loves to push that stroller around.  Girls are a whole new world!!

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Fall Fun

We had a wonderful October.  Holidays with little ones are just dreamy.  I don't even like Halloween and I had so much fun making it a big deal for David and Evie.  Between picking out costumes, pumpkin patch play-dates, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating; we are worn out.  David loves candy and always has claimed Halloween as his all-time favorite holiday.  He also LOVES much so, that I had to wash his Buzz Lightyear outfit on Friday because it was so stained from the many many days he has been wearing, sleeping, and eating in it.  The wings were a last minute addition and they definitely were the highlight of the weekend.  Evie was the cutest fairy and wore her headbead the entire weekend, shocking!!  
Happy Halloween!!

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